Communicating Change

Engaging people with change at work doesn’t need to be witchcraft. We say it’s quite simple really.

Whatever your agenda, be it a new business strategy, a drive to improve safety or a refresh of your values, we’re here to make it simple and engaging.

We work with clients to:

  • Build awareness

  • Develop understanding

  • Create excitement

  • Celebrate success.

We ask how your messages match the experience of employees. We make sure that what you say matches the needs of your business and the motivations of employees.

In the recent past we’ve supported:

  • A tech start-up 
  • A global manufacturing quality campaign for a pharmaceutical company
  • A new approach to management responsibilities for an international relief agency
  • A new business operating model for a global logistics company
  • Employee engagement for a volume manufacturer operating on five continents
  • The outsourcing of a global IT function for a heavy manufacturer.

Contact us if your change needs common sense communication.

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